L'Università  di Bournemouth vi invita a partecipare ad una stimolante serata con Bianca, una zero waste blogger, nel suo percorso verso una vita libera da rifiuti. In anni di comodità , in cui praticamente tutto è pre-confezionato nella plastica, Bianca ha iniziato il suo percorso verso uno stile di vita Zero Waste. Scopriremo cosa la ha motivata a cambiare, come ha raggiunto il suo obbiettivo e che sfide ha incontrato durante il suo percorso. Ci mostrerà  alcuni dei prodotti innovativi che hanno sostituito gli oggetti monouso e come il suo tentativo di evitare gli sprechi abbia influenzato ogni area della sua vita, dalla sua alimentazione alla sua routine quotidiana. Unitevi a quella che promette di essere un'emozionante serata che porterà  luce sui cambiamenti che tutti possiamo fare per ridurre la quantità di rifiuti che ci lasciamo dietro.

L'evento durerà circa un'ora con una ventina di minuti alla fine per fare domande. Si svolgerà  nell'aula K101 situata al I piano della Kimmeridge House nel campus principale dell'università di Bournemouth.


Ricordatevi di prenotare (gratuitamente) per partecipare all'evento:​

Sign the UK petition to help cut down on the amount of single-use disposable plastics and to diminish marine pollution!

Whether they are put in the bin or thrown on the floor the toxic chemicals still leak into our oceans and damage/kill marine life.

Remember that plastic can only be down-cycled, this means that after a few times that it is "recycled" it will still go to the landfill.

If you add to this that most plastic materials cannot be recycled at all and that the ones which can be recycled/down-cycled require a lot of energy.. avoiding these products is simply the easiest and most eco-friendly solution!

There are so many alternatives to single use plastic straws, like awesome reusable stainless steel or glass straws..or like not using a straw (most times it's not really needed anyway)

To sign the petition all you need is a UK address!! So this can be signed also by non-UK citizens who are currently living in the UK (like me)!


If you want to learn more regarding the health and environmental threats caused by plastic check my blog post.

"Recently France became the first country to pass an all-out ban on plastic cutlery, plates, and cups. Let's follow their example through a ban on disposable plastic tableware. These plastics affect our environment and use fossil fuels. Plastic pollution is a pervasive issue but we can change this.

Plastics are extremely durable, lightweight, cheap and versatile - features which mean that they have replaced many traditional materials such as metal, glass and wood. Unfortunately these features make them the most pervasive, persistent and hazardous form of litter in our environment. 

Furthermore, plastic manufacturing is estimated to use 8 percent of yearly global oil production. This precious resource is being wasted on disposable products for 'convenience'. This is not sustainable."


If you want to learn more regarding the health and environmental threats caused by plastic check my blog post.

"Over 100,000 marine animals and 1m sea birds die each year after digesting or getting stuck in plastic "6 pack rings". I would like government to force manufacturers to use environmentally friendly alternatives / edible (for aquatic life) options.


"6 Pack Ring" refers to the plastic rings used to keep 6 tins or cans of drink together. As an Island nation we should take the lead to protect our shores and the animals that inhabit them. A company in the US has developed an edible (to the aquatic life) alternative made using grains from the brewing process. The rings we use now are photodegradable but can take up to 90 days to break. Plenty of time to kill a seal, bird, turtle or other marine life that thinks it's something to eat."


If you want to learn more regarding the health and environmental threats caused by plastic check my blog post.

"In recent years there has been a concentrated focus on recycling. We are encouraged to recycle wherever possible, yet most takeaways/restaurants have shifted from using recyclable packaging (paper/card) to non-recyclable polystyrene. This petition is to make them use recyclable packaging only."


We all know that recycling is not the final solutions as it still requires a lot of energy and transportation, but take away paper-made packaging at least could be composted!


If you want to learn more regarding the health and environmental threats caused by plastic check my blog post.

"The UK fails to recycle over 1.5 million tons of plastic packaging waste each year, which ends up in landfill & waterways instead. 

Creating packaging that our society cannot deal with is blatantly unsustainable. We urgently need 100% recyclable/compostable packaging on every product in the UK.

The UK currently recycles 64% of all packaging waste, but only about 32% of plastic packaging waste.

This is unacceptable. We cannot let big business create more packaging that our society cannot deal with - it may be good for profits but it is irresponsible and unsustainable.

We call upon our leaders to take action: to ban all non-sustainable packaging on all products, with a grace period of 5 years to allow manufacturers to integrate viable, sustainable alternatives into their supply chains."


If you want to learn more regarding the health and environmental threats caused by plastic check my blog post.

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Portarsi sempre una borsa di tela e rifiutare quelle di plastica



Portarsi sempre dietro una borraccia così da poter evitare le bottigliette di plastica 



Scegliere prodotti locali! Fare la spesa al mercato non solo è un ottimo modo per supportare la propria comunità ma è anche uno dei modi più facili per evitare packaging!

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