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May 16, 2016

Hi everyone! My name is Bianca and I’m a PPE student based in Rome :)


I decided to open this blog a couple of months after opening my Instagram account (@zerowastepath) because I wanted a place where to write a little more, where to share my thoughts, some DIY recipes and, hopefully, some suggestions for other people on the Zero Waste journey.


I also hope that someone will randomly end up here and will be inspired by the Zero Waste movement just like I was by Lauren Singer (Trash is for Tossers) and Bea Johnson (Zero Waste Home), and all the other great Zero Waste activists I met in the past months

Anyway starting from the very beginning: at the beginning of March while I was sick I found and article about Lauren Singer, reading about her way of living, learning about the actual impact that as individuals we have on the planet with our everyday choices opened my eyes. I spent the following two days looking for every information, blog, video, account that could help me better understand how to change my behaviour and how to live Zero Waste

The first thing I did after that was buying the book "Zero Waste Home" by Bea Johnson, where she shares her story and tons of suggestions/DIY  and zero waste recipes.

Other than the recipes and tips, what struck me was the concept that in today's society "buying is like voting", and this is true in two different ways.

First, just like voting an individual cannot change the system by itself but that isn't a good reason not to give weight to what you do and to the choices you make.

Second, buying, like voting, is a way to express what you think and what you want. Through your consumer habits you tell companies what you like to buy and what not, and this will make them decide if to keep producing something or to keep behaving in a certain way or instead change it.


An example of this can be all the effort that many companies are making to sell palm oil free products, after that became an important factor for people when deciding what to buy.

So I hope you'll like this blog and hopefully that you'll be interested in what I have to say!

Can't wait to hear (read) your suggestions, opinions, recipes and possible solutions to live waste free and in a more environmentally conscious way :)




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