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November 14, 2018


My first contact with Misa, one of the co-founders of Aizome Bedding, was last spring, when they were launching their first crowdfunding campaign.

I instantly fell in love with their company, and reading about their choices and processes taught me a lot I didn't know about sustainability when it comes to fabric and the risks of using synthetic dyes.


For this reason I was happy to help with the campaign and Giulio and I decided that we wanted to start saving some money in order to be able to purchase their sheets at some point in the future. Even though they were quite expensive, we knew that it was a company and a product worth investing into, and, therefore ,didn't care if it was going to take a little while before we could save the money to do so.


I was therefore incredibly excited when Misa contacted me again in regards to a new crowdfunding campaign, launching today, to offer me the chance to try a pair of their organic sheets in exchange of a review of the product and the company.





Aizome, which is the Japanese term for "indigo-dying" (from ai = indigo and someru = dying; read more here), is a Japanese company created in 2018 by Michel May, Misa Muto and Jun Sugita.

The focus of their company is to produce bedding that is completely natural and sustainable, and they put an impressive amount of effort up to the smallest details.

They are a GOTS certified company, which is not limited to making sure that the cotton used is organic, but also certifies the use of sustainable production processes and fair working conditions.

Their production is based on small companies located in China that are experts in their fields, they visit the factories regularly and share information about their visits on their YouTube channel.





The sheets are made of 100% organic cotton, this includes the labels, the string used in the fitted sheet and the tote bag they come with.

One of my favourite details is the fitted sheet, which instead of using a standard rubber band (which is usually made of synthetic rubber and wears off fairly quickly) they use a drawstring sheet. This not only allows for the entire set to be composted at the end of its (very long) life, but it also makes it highly adaptable to all sorts of mattresses.

As someone that moves quite often, I've had many different types and shapes of double beds, with mattresses of various thicknesses and in most cases our fitted sheet didn't fit (pun intended haha). I think that in life, for various reasons, people will find themselves having to sleep on different types of mattresses, therefore I think that this feature is quite useful, especially for bedding that is intended to last you a very long time.





As someone that makes natural cosmetic products I definitely understand the importance of caring for what we put on our skin, as it is then absorbed into our body. That said, before finding Aizome Bedding I hadn't really thought about the fact that this also extends to the fabrics that are in touch with our skin, and sheets are above all the fabric item where we spend to longest time, night after night for approximately 1/3 of our lives.

Aizome chose to dye its sheets with natural Indigo which has some exceptional characteristics:

- It is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory

- It uses 200 times less water than most synthetic dyes

- It produces 100% biodegradable and non-toxic waste which can be disposed of safely in nature as a fertiliser

(More information on this here)





Aizome declares that no waste is produced in the production methods, and this is mostly thanks to the use of natural indigo dye and organic cotton details (such as the rubber-band-free fitted sheet).

But let's talk about the packaging!

The first thing I noticed when I received my Aizome Bedding parcel was that the packaging was very well-thought, putting together beautiful aesthetic with a design that allows for easy reuse!

The packaging consisted in a very sturdy white cardboard box with their logo, which unfortunately came wrapped in plastic (Misa explained me that the shipping company told them that it was needed for protection during the shipping, but that they're already testing compostable alternatives!). We have already reused the box to store some useful items in our living room, where it has substituted an old ruined IKEA one (which we now use for less visible storage).

Inside the box the sheets were packaged in a beautiful and thick organic cotton tote bag, which we want to keep using to store the sheets when not in use (apparently you can't use the same pair of sheets without ever washing them haha). It also had a small booklet with some information on the company and the care instructions, and two tiny origamis of a red heart and a light blue swan. I loved this last detail as they reminded me of the time I spent in Tokyo as a kid, where my mother used to work.





I've used the sheets for about ten days now and well, they are the softest sheets I've ever had!

The only way I can think to descrive how they feel on the skin is to compare them with the feeling of getting into bed with freshly shaved/waxed legs, it feels like silk (but it's actually organic cotton, so cruelty-free!).

Putting them on was pretty easy and quick, and sleeping in them was amazing. I don't know if it was a placebo effect but we both have the feeling that we sleep a lot better since using them (and to be honest even though it's a stressful period I do wake up a lot less during the night)!

Something that worried me a bit was the colour, our bedroom is quite small and with a short ceiling, which is why we chose to be quite minimal with it and only use white items to open up the space a bit. But the blue is very light and relaxing and it brightens the room as much as white sheets, while also giving it a warmer and less hotel-like feel.

In short, I loved the bedding as much as I love this company, and we both still intend to save in order to buy another pair because we honestly don't want to sleep in anything else anymore!





The Kickstarter campaign begins today (November 12th) and it will run for a month, and it is a great way to get their sets at discounted prices:

- There's 50% off the Christmas set for the first 48 hours

- 30% off all the other sets also for the first 48 hours

- 25% off all the sets until November 18th

- 20% off all sets until November 24th

- And then 15% off until the end of the campaign

(I took all the info from their Kickstarter page)


Disclaimer: while I did receive a free product to try and review I am NOT paid for this post nor I will earn anything from their crowdfunding. I am just sharing the information that I found through their website and social media channels that made me fall in love with this company together with my honest opinion on the product.


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